esports have an audience of several hundred million fans and are moving into virtual reality. Is VR the future of esports?

VR esports Arena Concept

Indoor entertainment and esports are two markets that have been experiencing strong growth for a number of years. smartVR offers a unique concept that combines the two: VR esports.

With the advent of games such as Fortnite and League of Legends, esports have become a real social phenomenon that brings together millions of fans and exceeds TV audiences.

At smartVR, we believe VR is the future of esports. 

That is why we have developed an offer for VR arcades that meets the expectations of a growing eSports audience, based in particular on our game AFTER-H.

VR esports league

We regularly organize national and international tournaments between arcades, enabling you to promote and stimulate your premises.

All the ingredients are there:
– attractive cash prizes
– live stream on Twitch and TV broadcast on the esports channel ES1
– press relations for tournaments to give participating venues maximum visibility

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